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Volunteer Opportunities at FPCT

There are so many ways to get involved at FPCT!

If you are interested in any of the following opportunities, contact Richard Barber (Interim VP and Volunteer Coordinator) at 

Experience is always appreciated, but it is only required where noted.

STAGE MANAGER for Boeing-Boeing 

Dates of commitment: October 27, 2013 – February 9, 2014 (with breaks for Holidays) 

Experience: Greatly appreciated, but not required 

The Stage Manager’s job has two parts. During rehearsals, s/he serves as the Director’s right-hand- (wo)man, supporting him (Josh Shoemaker) and the actors. Once the show opens, the Stage Manager takes charge, running each and every performance. Being Stage Manager is a pretty big commitment, but it is a very rewarding one that will teach you a great deal about the theatre itself. You will also learn a great deal about directing! 

PROPERTY MASTER for Boeing-Boeing 

Dates of commitment: mid-November – January 10 (intermittent) 

Experience: Not required 

The Property Master is charged with locating and securing all props for the show. Working in tandem with the Director and Stage Manager, s/he will work almost entirely outside of rehearsal in order to support the production as a whole. This is a great job for anyone whose schedule doesn’t allow them to work directly with the production (rehearsals and/or performances). You would be allocated a small budget and would be charged with keeping production costs as low as possible. Begging, borrowing, and (anything short of) stealing is encouraged! Boeing-Boeing is a sexy 1960s farce set in Paris. Finding some period items will be a fun challenge! 

BOOTH OPERATOR for Boeing-Boeing