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Saturday, June 8, 12pm - 3pm

Sunday, June 9, 12pm - 3pm

Callbacks Monday, June 10, 7pm - 9:30pm

at Fells Point Corner Theatre

251 S. Ann Street

Baltimore, MD 21231

To schedule an appointment, please fill out the linked form completely and attach your headshot and resume.


By Sophie Treadwell
Directed by Deirdre McAllister
Performances: September 6th - September 29th, 2024

Auditions will be held at Fells Point Corner Theatre, 251 S. Ann Street, Baltimore, MD on Saturday, June 8th from 12-3pm and Sunday, June 9th from 12-3pm. Callbacks will be held on Monday, June 10th from 7-9:30pm. For an appointment, please fill out the linked form above completely and attach a headshot and resume.
If you prefer to submit a video, please fill out the audition form and then email your video submission to no later than June 7th.

FPCT offers stipends to all show collaborators.

Rehearsals will begin on June 24th. Please bring all rehearsal conflicts you may have from June 24th to September 29th to your appointment. There may be day time and weekend rehearsals depending on the schedules of the cast.

Please prepare 1 contemporary monologue or poem that you feel best demonstrates your skills. This may or may not be memorized. Your audition materials should not exceed 3 minutes total when performed. Be prepared for additional cold-reading and an improvised movement sequence.

Note on content: This play contains depictions or discussions of violence, murder, and the death penalty. Certain roles require intimacy and an intimacy choreographer will be hired to ensure boundaries are respected. Please provide verbal or written concerns specifically regarding touch with the director at your audition. 



As a journalist, Treadwell covered the sensationalized case of Ruth Snyder, an American woman who murdered her husband and was publicly executed in the electric chair. This powerful expressionist drama exposes the societal and judicial oppression of women and recounts a women’s rebellion against her husband and society. Treadwell was a Mexican-American playwright whose stark, magnetic revival draws on the play’s expressionist roots yet also renders it chillingly modern in showing how female criminality is still often depicted.


The Cast is a large ensemble piece with several roles doubled. For detailed information about each character you can visit this link:

The Gender breakdown of the cast is currently 5 Female Presenting, 4 Male Presenting, and 3 of any gender representation.

Female Presenting Roles:
1. young woman
2. mother
3. telephone girl/reporter 
4. stenographer/nurse/jailer
5. woman at bar/ jailer / reporter

Male Presenting Roles:
6. young man
7. man at bar/defense lawyer/doctor/clerk
8. prosecution lawyer / man at bar
9. doctor/judge/priest/bartender/clerk

Roles for any gender:
10. filing clerk/person at bar / bailiff/prisoner
11. adding clerk / person at bar
12. barber/ doctor/ photographer

FPCT will enthusiastically consider performers of all genders and gender identities when possible given the characterizations within the play. Performers of all ages and ethnic backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply.

FPCT artists and staff will be expected to agree to and conduct themselves in accordance with our Code of Conduct Policies for the safety of all. These policies will be made available to actors along with their contract should any roles be offered.

If you have any questions, please message us or send an email to

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