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Important 10x10x10 Update


We are deeply sorry to inform you that post-production of the filmed 10x10x10 Play Festival is encountering significant and unforeseen technical difficulty. Because of this, we are not able to offer on-demand streaming of this show starting on June 3. We are doing everything we can to remedy the situation and hope to be able to present this new, exciting, and all-local production in the coming weeks.

We do not yet have a rescheduled date for this production. If you have purchased tickets already, please see an email from us for further guidance.

Like most theatres, FPCT has executed a complete pivot to virtual programming throughout the pandemic. We took a leap of faith that we could create art and community in new and thrilling ways, and we are so grateful that you have joined us on this journey. We are extraordinarily proud of the work our artists and collaborators contributed to this production, and we are especially grateful to the playwrights who created the foundation for this project. We eagerly hope to share it with you soon, even as we work to thoughtfully navigate new technologies.

We look forward to keeping you updated regarding this production and our upcoming in-person season. Thank you, as always, for your continuing support.

-Your Friends at FPCT



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