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Fells Point Corner Theatre is a small, community based, not-for-profit arts organization that has flourished for three decades thanks to the steadfast generosity of people like you.  As such, personal contributions of all sizes make an immediate and tangible difference in our art and in our community. Your gift allows us to:​​

  • Produce innovative, ambitious, thought-provoking theatre

  • Financially support our artists and collaborators

  • Maintain and preserve our historic building

  • Serve as a cultural resource and steward for the Upper Fells Point Community and beyond

Fells Point Corner Theatre is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Donations are tax-deductible.

You can also show your support for Fells Point Corner Theatre by using Amazon Smile when shopping on Amazon. It is the same shopping experience  as Amazon, but Amazon donates a small portion of the purchase to FPCT! To start shopping, go to For more information on Amazon Smile, click here. We are listed under Bristol Players.

We are grateful to the members of our Firewall

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Brad Norris

Stewart Potter


Janet Mooney


Donna Burke

Mollie Fein

Yosef Kuperman

Larry & Cheryl Lambert

Laura & Larry Malkus

Katherine Vary


Sean Eustis

Don & Karyn Haasen

Barbara Hauck

Nate Krimmel

Joy Morrell

Christopher Millard

Patricia Mitchell

Erin Riley

Faith Sentz

Stephen W. Singer

Peter Wilkes & Dickey Wilson

For more information about the Firewall giving program, click here.

We thank our cast of supporters:

Backer ($1,000+)


Valerie Dowdle

Larry & Cheryl Lambert

Laura & Larry Malkus

Brad Norris

Stewart & James Potter-Smith

Marlyn Robinson

Joshua & Mary Shoemaker

Doris Sweet (in honor of Don Sweet)

John Wagener & Vivian Schimberg

Producer ($500-$999)

Anonymous (in honor of Susan Oppenheimer)

Helenmary & Julian Ball (in honor of Beverly Sokal)

Kathleen A. Barber

Rodney Bonds

Donna Burke

John Carroll (in honor of Eddie Burke)

Timothy Donovan & Marianne Cloeren

Christopher Flint

Mary Fowler

Steve Goldklang

Barbara Hauck

Norma Kapplin

Nate Krimmel

Gregory Lehne

Emma McMullin (in honor of Katelin McMullin)

Barbara Moore (in honor of Anthony Hinkle)

Jan Mooney & Kurt Schiller    

David Shoemaker

Katharine Vary

Maria Wawer

Director ($100-$499)

Anonymous (in honor of Katelin McMullen)

Marianne Gazzola Angelella

Michael Ankrom

Elizabeth Armstrong

Patricia Barkdoll

Miriam Bazensky

Debbie Bennett

Lydia Cunningham

William Dooley

Brian Dunne

Lon & Jennifer Engel

Sean Eustis

Tim & Carol Evans

Phillip Farfel & Michele Bandler

Mollie Fein

John Foellmer

Kathryn Goedeke

Jack Gohn

Richard Goldberg

Karen Gorirossi

Karyn & Don Haasen

Susan Hahn

Wendy Hauck

L. Jonathan & Lorraine Hirsch

Bill Kamberger

Yosef Kuperman

Ronald & Mary Leach

Louise Machen

Christopher Millard

Patricia Mitchell

Caroline Montague (in honor of David Shoemaker)

Shelley & Dan Morhaim

Joy Morrell

Lynn Nichols

Alan G. Penczek

Brad & Tammey Perkins

Thomas & Sylvia Peter

Aleksander & Natalya Popel

Julie Press

Erin Riley

Mark Scharf

Faith Sentz

Stephen W. Singer & Barbara Hawkins

Deborah M. Stein

Roy Steinman

Michael Styer

Michael Sullivan

David Turner

Louis Tyler

Alma Wickenden

Peter Wilkes & Dickey Wilson

W. Stephen Wilson

Actor ($1-$99)


Cheryl Barrows

Alice Barry

Beverly Bickel

Alexander Boulton

Sheila Bravo-Ross

Joe Brody

Rosemary Brown

Adam Buchoff & Talia Goldman

Andrea Carey

Ryan Clark

Norma Cohen

Lynne Cornish

Jasmine Cole (in honor of Katelin McMullin “KERM”)

John Covaleskie

Lydia Cunningham

Victoria Rentz-Damand

James Floyd

Peggy Friedman

Meriem Gaval

Susan Goetze

Elizabeth Goldstein

Stuart Goldstone

Marjorie Hamilton

Aaron Heinsman

Alan Katz

Vicki Lancioni (in memory of Debbie Bennett)

Linda P. Lilly

Jon Lipitz

Michael Lonegro

Leslie Main

Ann & Larry Malkus

Melinda McMullin (in honor of Katelin McMullin)

Laura Mott

Kathleen Offutt

Mary Parvis

Marley Pegler (in honor of her father)

Jason Porter

Malissa Ruffner

Wendy Samuels

Roseanne Serafini

Amy Sheinin

Mark & Wendy Supik

Corina Tamas

Jean & M. Dion Thompson

Laura Weeldreyer

Andrew Wesley

Ellen Weston

Aladrian Wetzel

Carol Whitman (in honor of Joshua Shoemaker)

John Wilson

Terrance Worchesky

Steve Zolno

We endeavor to keep this list updated, please let us know if there is an error.