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The FPCT Annual
Monologue SLAM!

January 7, 2023 @ 8pm


From the icy depths of the frozen heart of darkness that is winter in Baltimore, a spark of brilliance ignites the flame of passion that becomes the roiling inferno of theatrical performance that melts your face off and burns your britches till you cry “take me home momma, I have seen enough to know I have seen too much!”

Saturday, January 7, 2023 at 8pm, Fells Point Corner Theatre kicks the new year down the stairs, out the door and onto South Ann street for the battle that’ll rattle your saddle! The throw down that’s all about clowning around! The main event with the kinda gear that’ll strike fear into William Shakespeare! It’s THE ANNUAL MONOLOGUE SLAM!!!!

Join us for the rowdiest ONE-NIGHT-ONLY, WINNER-TAKE-ALL, OVERLY-HYPHENATED, Monologue slam competition! FPCT invites all comers who think they have what it takes to make our team of judges laugh, cry, or shake in our boots to step into the ring and give us the best you’ve got.. 

Each competitor has two minutes to WOW the judges with their high flying, rough riding, no holds barred theatrical skills. The winner walks away with $100 cold hard cash and the title of undisputed slam champion. Second and Third place will plot their revenge for next year as they step over the bodies of their fallen foes with $50 and $25 in their hands respectively. 


Whether you're mauling a Marlow, knocking down a Nottage, body checking a Chekov, slamming a Simon, or crafting your own original brew of beatdown, come show us what you’ve got in this knockdown drag out fight to the finish, that will never be matched… until next year.

Entry for this rumble is capped at a bruisin baker's dozen, so if you’re ready to sign up and take home the gold, fill out the form here:


Get your tickets to come see this winter-time spectacle and cheer on these fierce competitors as they march to their doom:


  • The Annual Monologue Slam will be held Saturday, January 7, 2023 at 8pm

  • Monologues must be under 2 minutes. All performers will be timed!

  • There is no restriction on type/source of monologue but it must be a monologue. No songs, no poems.

  • There will be a panel of three judges from the Baltimore Theatre Community scoring each performance.

  • There will be ringside announcers hyping your candy ass up in between performances.

  • One folding chair (for sitting on only) will be available onstage. No other sets, props, or costumes will be provided.

  • All performers must submit a headshot and resume by December 31st. You will receive an email confirmation with contact information about where to send it.

  • Deadline for performers to sign-up is Friday, December 30th. 

  • Entry is capped at 13 performers. 

  • The highest scored performance will receive a $100 cash prize. 2nd place is $50. 3rd place is $25.

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