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March 22 - March 31

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Friday & Saturday - 8 p.m.

Sunday - 2 p.m.

All Tickets are $24


From the twisted mind that brought us Santa Claus Must Die, Prom Fright is a totally radical 1980's fully improvised murder mystery at the prom. Local comedy legend Michael Furr will bring us a rotating cast of hilarious high school characters! A different killer every show! A totally tubular 1980's soundtrack! And it is all totally, totally made up!


Barbara Madison, Lindsay Cromwell, Alexis Campbell, Dennis Muniz, Nekoro Gomes, Jacob Weinstein, Elizabeth Norman, Arushi Aneja, Matthew Sampson, Sarah Harris, Geoff Taylor, Erin Patrick, Bobbie Cardonuli, Hannah Alden Jeffrey, 

... And Michael Furr as "The Voice"

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