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See it Here First....

Ever wonder how Fells Point Corner Theatre got its name, since it is not technically in Fells Point (it's in Upper Fells Point) and it is not on a corner?

Fells Point Theatre and the Corner Theater were both active in the Baltimore area in the seventies and eighties. Fells Point Theatre concentrated on presenting exciting new plays recently produced in New York; Corner Theater devoted its attention to the local playwrights, providing readings, workshops and full productions of new plays. When both theaters lost their homes, they joined forces under the leadership of Bev Sokal of Fells Point Theater and Bruce Godfrey of Corner Theater. In 1987 the theater opened with Sam Sheppard’s, Fool for Love.

Fells Point Corner Theatre continues its dedication to bringing new plays of critical acclaim to our audiences while also presenting traditional classics for your pleasure.  We pursue the best plays available and in doing so, set the imagination on fire and enlighten the soul!

In addition to producing great theatre, our mission is to provide opportunities for writers, directors, actors, and creative individuals in our community.  Have you ever wanted to be on stage, or help produce a theatre production?  Contact us today and find out how you can get started!



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