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New Parking Information

For those of you who took advantage of the parking that we offered on our website in past seasons, located on the corner of Pratt and Ann Street, we regrettably inform you that the lot is no longer available to use.  The lot is being cleared away for new construction.  The lot never belonged to us; we just had an arrangement to provide discounted parking to our patrons.

The best bet to find available parking is to simply park on Broadway, which is located only a block and a half from the theatre.  Please note that the meters are in effect until 8:00pm!  The meter rate is only $2.00 per hour, which means that it shouldn't cost you any more than that unless you arrive early for dinner.

If you arrive early and are patient, you may be able to find free parking on the neighborhood streets around the theatre.  Please be mindful of any parking restrictions that may exist on some of the streets.



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