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MD Theatre Guide reviews The Mineola Twins - "highly skilled production team and very strong cast"

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

"Ally Ibach performs the dual roles of Myrna/Myra, doubtless expending as much energy racing through what seem like hundreds of costume changes as in her fine acting. The subtleties she delivers are lovely – one sister’s smile is reminiscent of Julianne Moore’s; the other’s of Marisa Tomei’s. That’s the kind of texture Ibach applies to what is, at times, a very broad comedy. Doublecast as ’50s BF Jim and ’90s GF Sarah, Andy Belt is a hoot. Corey Hennessey protrays both of the sisters’ sons, making him (one supposes) Vogel’s idea of the Patty Duke cousins here. ” - Max Garner, MD Theatre Guide

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