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FPCT 2017/2018 Season Announcement! #UnfinishedBusiness

Fells Point Corner Theatre is proud to announce it's 2017/2018 season!  

The past is an inviting but dangerous place. When we are haunted by the ghosts of our past, we attribute their torment to the deeds they’ve left undone. Benevolent or otherwise, these spirits employ the living to serve in their endeavor for rest... or unrest. For our 30th season, Fells Point Corner Theatre invites audiences to experience the bewildering world of the beyond. On our stage, we will seek the answers, cross the boundaries, and blur the lines between life and the afterlife. Join us in the fall of 2017 as we embark on our 2017-2018 season of #UnfinishedBusiness.

Read the full announcement on our site.



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