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Black Lives Matter

As we reckon with the brutal murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and so many others over so many years, the Board of Fells Point Corner Theatre stands in solidarity with those who seek to dismantle systems of white supremacy, and those who are fighting for racial justice in all its forms.

Most importantly, we acknowledge that our work begins at home.

Fells Point Corner Theatre acknowledges its complicity in and perpetuation of the perennial segregation of Baltimore’s theatre community. Specifically, we acknowledge and apologize for the ways that we have neglected and suppressed Baltimore’s Black artists and artists of color.

We also acknowledge that it is not enough for us to issue a general apology. In the past few days, the Board has begun frank conversations about tangible action steps we must take — not just by producing a broadened slate of work but also by reimagining our organization as one that is fundamentally more just and equitable. We know that this is work that we, as an all-white board, cannot undertake without listening and following.

As FPCT embarks on a journey of strategic planning this year, we commit to seeking and following guidance from our community and experts who can help us build a vision and mission for FPCT that broadens our leadership and directs our work toward justice.

Black artists matter. Black stories matter. Black lives matter.

Fells Point Corner Theatre Board:

Barbara Madison Hauck, Bruce Kapplin, Chris Flint, David Shoemaker, Larry Lambert, and

Laura Malkus



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