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10x10x10 Submissions Closed

Fells Point Corner Theatre has, again, received a record number of submissions for our 10x10x10 play festival. Two years ago we received 50 submissions from 27 writers.  Last year we received 100 Submissions from 56 writers.  This year we limited submissions to two plays per writer (last year the limit was 3 and 2 years ago there was no limit) and we still finished with 97 submissions from 73 writers!

10x10x10 has quickly become one of our most exciting events and one of the most visible opportunities for playwrights in the area.  The exciting new short plays we receive into this festival is the lifeblood of that success.  So as a theatre; Thank you to the diverse and dedicated writers who sent in plays.  It is incredibly exciting and humbling to have the opportunity to read and produce new work.

In terms of selection, we're hoping to get the final 10 plays announced on February 4th.  



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