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Final 10x10x10 Selection

After a lot of deliberation and some tough decisions, the selection committee has decided on the final 10 plays for production in this year's 10x10x10 play festival.

The final 10 plays are as follows:

The Last Ten by Mark Scharf

Crito by Alice Stanley

Open Mic by MJ Perrin

In Memory of Mrs. Mary Brown by Rich Espey

Mr.Shells Gets Shipped East for Beef by Rufus Dawlings

What's the Point by Daniel Collins

Shrimp at the Radisson by Jennifer Harrison

While in a Parallel Dimension by Richard Pauli

The Fine Art of Critiquing the Hang of the Shoe by DC Cathro

Hello, Baby. I Miss You. by Tatiana Nya Ford

The body of submissions this year was incredible, and it's exciting that so many talented playwrights chose to share their work with us. This festival is a huge part of our success and really it is because Baltimore playwrights have submitted such excellent work.

Again, thank you to everyone who submitted this year. It's always exciting to read the new work that is being developed in the Baltimore area.

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