251 South Ann Street

Baltimore, MD  21231 

Email: support(at)fpct.org for any questions!

If you have ever thought... “man this audition should be more like a party of awesome” then this is the theatrical activity you've been waiting for!It’s like Wrestlemania with a MAIN EVENT of Suzan Lori Parks VS. Beckett for the heavyweight title of CHAMPION OF ALL MONOLOGUE PERFORMANCES! 

We are opening our stage and adrenaline glands for a ONE-NIGHT-ONLY event of awesome acting and friendly WINNER TAKE ALL COMPETITION!  We invite all lovers of theatre and practitioners of awesome to compete and/or marvel at this ONCE IN A LIFETIME battle royal of dramatic and comedic ability!

BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE! We are inviting producers and artistic directors from the Baltimore Theatre Community to view some of Charm City's seasoned, new and undiscovered thespians. Together, with a fantastic audience of local theatre fanatics, they will BEAR WITNESS TO THE GREATEST ACTING BATTLE OF ALL TIME (in the greater Baltimore area so far this year)!

  • The Slam will be held on Saturday January 27th, the show starts at 8 pm.

  • Entry fee for actors (and audiences members) is $10 dollars per person.

  • Monologues must be under 2 minutes, performances will be timed.

  • There is no restriction on type/source of monologue.  Bring your best and throw down!

  • There will be a panel of three judges from the Baltimore Theatre Community:  An Actress, a Director and a Playwright.

  • Deadline for actors to reserve a slot is January 20th.

  • $50 Cash Prize will be awared to the highest scored performance.

  • Performance criteria and scoring details will be provided to participants upon registration.

  • Entrants will be capped at 20 participants.