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Fridays - 8:00pm 

Saturdays - 8:00pm 

Sundays - 2:00pm


$20 Fridays and Saturdays

$15 Sundays

*P.W.Y.C. Thursday 12/8 @ 8:00pm

November 18th - December 18th, 2016

*Baltimore Premiere*

The author of Psycho Beach Party and The Tale of the Allergist’s Wifetrains his razor-sharp wit on Hollywood religiosity in this hilarious salute to every wonderfully awful nun movie you’ve ever seen! Mother Superior battles to save her deteriorating convent while juggling a mystical postulant with visions, a sexual frenzy in the nunnery, a confused schoolboy and a seductive suitor intent on luring her away from her vows. 

“The Divine Sister finds Mr. Busch in peak form.  This delightfully twisted tale of the secret lives of nuns….is his freshest, funniest work in years, perhaps decades.

- The New York Times

“Delivering a 90-minute jolt of of humor, silliness, satire and, yes, even affection, "The Divine Sister" is, to paraphrase from "Auntie Mame," an old-fashioned, campy miracle, that's what it is. 

- The Baltimore Sun


Production Credits

DIRECTOR:  Steve Goldklang


Agnes, Anne Shoemaker

Sister Walburga/Mrs. Macduffie,  Kathryn Daniels

Sister Acacius AKA Lily, Holly Gibbs

Mother Superior AKA Susan, Steven Shriner

Mrs. Levinson/Timothy, Lynda McClary

BrotherVenerius/Jermemy, Tom Lodge

Press Photos

by Tessa Sollway

Photo 1: Steven Shriner

Photo 2: Holly Gibbs, Lynda McClary, Steven Shriner

Photo 3: Kathryn Daniels, Anne Shoemaker, Holly Gibbs

Photo 4: Steven Shriner and Tom Lodge

Photo 5: Holly Gibbs, Kathryn Daniels, Tom Lodge, Steven Shriner, Anne Shoemaker and Lynda McClary

Photo 6: Steven Shriner and Holly Gibbs

Photo 7: Kathryn Daniels and Tom Lodge

Photo 8: Steven Shriner and Anne Shoemaker

Photo 9: Holly Gibbs and Steven Shriner

Photo 10: Holly Gibbs and Anne Shoemaker

Photo 11: Kathryn Daniels

Photo 12: Lynda McClary and Tom Lodge

Photo 13: Holly Gibbs and Lynda McClary

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