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Fridays & Saturdays - 8:00pm
Sundays - 2:00pm 

  • $10 ALL Tickets

June 30th - July 9th, 2017

A city street, early evening. A man in an overcoat comes to the aid of a woman being mugged. A scuffle ensues and the man slumps to the ground. A few minutes later several people walk by, including Karen and Thad. They notice the man but walk on. Who was he? What happened to him after they walked away? Should they have stopped? Karen struggles to find the answers.

Marilyn Bennett is a playwright and actor in the DC area. Her one-act play, The Prophecy, directed by Dwane Starlin, won the Thunderous Productions’ One-Act Play Festival in 2015. Her 10-minute play, Rosalie, was performed at the Capitol Fringe Festival in 2016. Fells Point Corner Theatre is proud to present this produced staged reading of Man On The Street from June 30th - July 10th as part of the 2017 Baltimore Playwrights Festival.

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Production Credits

DIRECTOR:  Kathryn Falcone


  • Bevin Keefer
  • Marianne Gazzola Angelella
  • Rob Vary
  • Barbara Madison Hauck
  • Mike Zemarel
  • Nick Cherone

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