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May 15 - June 7 2015

VIETNAM: A war that, for some, will never end...

Fells Point Corner Theater is thrilled to present this Baltimore Premiere, written by award-winning playwright Steven Deitz.  Ben and Jeeter fought in Vietnam.  For thirty years they have remained united by a war that divided the nation.  But this year, when they gather for one final hurrah, the past makes a return appearance and its many ghosts come flickering to life.

This is a fierce, funny and haunting show about friendship, families and a war that, for some, never ends.

“Last of the Boys is shattering, and its careful revelations and haunting imagery stick with you long after you leave the theater.”

Windy City Times


The Bad Oracle -, 05/20/15

"Fells Point Corner Theatre kicked this show’s ass. The acting by all five cast members was truly fantastic."

- Achilles Feels, TheBadOracle.Com

Baltimore Guide -, 05/19/15

"Squirek’s interactions with Colavito are done spectacularly, with glimpses into what their friendship was like before they were burdened with the experiences of war."

- Gianna DeCarlo, Baltimore Guide

Maryland Theatre Guide -, 05/18/15

"Director Barry Feinstein has once again managed to make a deeply distressing and controversial subject palpable to the audience. There are moments in the play that are almost eerie, uncanny, and it reaches across the stage into the seats, as if to demonstrate the overwhelming fear of the unknown once faced by soldiers overseas."

- Morgan Halvorsen, Maryland Theatre Guide

DCMetro TheaterArts -, 05/18/15

"Director Feinstein made excellent choices in his casting. Colavito’s portrayal of Jeeter is reminiscent of Al Pacino in 'Scent of a Woman'. Squirek’s Ben is both heartbreaking and haunting. Casey Dutt is electric."

- Lauren Honeycutt, DCMetro TheaterArts

Production Credits

DIRECTOR:  Barry Feinstein

CAST:  Tony Colavito, Casey Dutt, Katherine Lyons, Mark Squirek, Adam Zoellner

Press Photos

Photo 1: Mark Squirek and Adam Zoellner

Photo 2: Katherine Lyons and Casey Dutt

Photo 3: Adam Zoellner and Casey Dutt

Photo 4: Tony Colavito and Mark Squirek

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